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Steps For Getting Visa
1. You book an appointment for a specialist consultation
We give accurate and realistic advice
2. You get connected to executive experts
Executive experts will receive all the required documents from you and submit the case together with the defense letter of the lawyer.
3. You will receive the answer to the case
Did you get a visa? Congratulations! Did you get rejected? Do not worry! We will try again to resolve the rejection of your case.
4. We are with you in Canada
Our experts in Canada are ready to answer all your questions and problems. You can also count on our help to obtain permanent residence.
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Sahar Ojan
Sahar Ojan
Hello, thank you for your good service and staff. Working with you was a good experience and also the most reliable and fastest method for admission at any stage and also the visa process. Thankful
Maryam Pejman
Maryam Pejman
I am satisfied with Amin Pardaz International company. Of course, I haven't applied yet, but I am fully satisfied with the credit card payment and the consultations before applying.
Shiva Namdar
Shiva Namdar
I would not have succeeded in reaching Canada without the help and guidance of Amin Pardaz International Group
Hamid Fallahdoost
Hamid Fallahdoost
I am fully satisfied with the activities of Amin Pardaz International Company. I wish you more and more success.
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