VIP Services in Toronto

Comprehensive Services for Newcomers to Toronto by Amin Pardaz International
Amin Pardaz International provides services such as airport transfer, SIM card purchase, getting familiar with the environment, banking guidance, license and SIN assistance for newcomers to Toronto through specialists to make their life in Toronto easier.

Airport Transfer in Toronto

Amin Pardaz International, using a new fleet and professional staff, provides comfortable and safe transfer services from Toronto Pearson Airport to the final destination of passengers. Amin Pardaz International's VIP services include luxury and private vehicles and, along with professional drivers, provide a calm and carefree travel experience for customers.


Easy SIM Card Purchase in Toronto with Amin Pardaz International 

In cooperation with major Canadian telecom operators, Amin Pardaz International provides SIM card purchase and activation services for its customers. Various prepaid and credit SIM cards with varying data and talk time are offered to customers by our experts. 

SIM card activation and online recharge are other services that Amin Pardaz International has provided to avoid customer hassle.


Getting to Know the Neighborhood and Surrounding Facilities, by Local Advisors

Using local advisors, Amin Pardaz International provides services to acquaint newcomers to Toronto with the area and facilities surrounding their place of residence. This service includes introducing shopping centers, restaurants, parks, clinics and other essential facilities around the customers' place of residence. The purpose of this service is to facilitate familiarity and provide more comfort for newcomers.


Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Canada

With in-person advice from experienced banking specialists, Amin Pardaz International offers bank account opening services for newcomers. Choosing the best bank based on customer needs, accompanying them on in-person bank visits, and assisting in completing required forms and documents are among the services customers can access through Amin Pardaz International. 


Getting a Driver’s License in Ontario with Amin Pardaz’s Guidance

Obtaining a driver’s license in Ontario, Canada is a multi-step process that requires prior awareness and preparation. Amin Pardaz International provides customers with necessary guidance on registration steps, studying driving regulations and laws, and preparing for practical and theoretical exams by utilizing professional consultants.

With us, getting a driver’s license will be easy and smooth for customers.


Getting a SIN Number with Amin Pardaz International’s Support

Obtaining a SIN number is one of the most important steps for newcomers to Canada. Amin Pardaz International facilitates the registration process and obtaining the SIN number for them with abundant presence beside the customers. 

Along with customers, our specialists visit government offices, fill out the required forms and documents, and provide necessary guidance at all stages so that obtaining the SIN can be easily done.

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